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Darkfall ropes players back in with free gametime


Do you hear that? That faint yet alluring noise drifting over the MMO plains? 'Tis the siren song of the free gametime, my child. It twists and turns with the wind, seeking out every nook and cranny where a potential player may be hidden. Few can escape its call, but then again, why would they want to?

Over on the Darkfall forums comes the announcement of a Return to Darkfall campaign aimed at previous players. If you were a Darkfall player before April 2010, Adventurine wants to invite you back for a two-week free play session. North American players also have the option to transfer to the NA server for free during this period. Adventurine is directing NA players to sign back up here, and EU players to head over there.

The 14-day free play offer will end on May 31st, so if you tasted of the fruits of Darkfall in the past and want to see if it's sweeter today, now is the time to hop back on board!

[Thanks Billy!]

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