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Gamestop discounts FFXIII, BioShock 2 and more, offers free store credit

SlickDeals tipster DJ3xclusive recently unearthed a handful of handsome discounts currently being offered by Gamestop. Anyone who enters the coupon code "15NEW" while checking out from the retailer's online storefront can save 15 percent on a few games, such as Final Fantasy XIII ($43 after coupon), GTA: Episodes from Liberty City ($28), and BioShock 2 ($38). In addition, these three games come with an additional $10 credit to be used on future purchases. Better still, the code works on pre-orders of Super Mario Galaxy 2 ($42.50), which comes with $20 credit.

The discount also applies to the BioShock 2 Collector's Edition ($68), Demon's Souls ($34) and Heavy Rain ($45), though these three don't come with the appended, complimentary 10-spot. Still, those are some pretty great deals. Or, if we could be so bold -- pretty slick deals?

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