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Naughty Bear pre-order costumes pay tribute to slasher movie villains


The gameplay of A2M's Naughty Bear, in which you either outright murder other bears or scare them into killing themselves, is missing something. It seems like there's some additional touch that could really sell the idea of becoming a revenge-obsessed villain preying on the worst fears of those around you.

Like, perhaps, a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees outfit.

Publisher 505 Games announced that you'll get precisely that (well, almost precisely: it's a "Kruebear" costume or a "Slasher Bear" outfit) when you pre-order Naughty Bear from Amazon or GameStop, respectively. The Kruebear offer isn't reflected on the Amazon page yet -- but expect to be offered the chance to tear stuffing out of bears' bodies with some knife-gloves soon. See the "Slasher Bear" costume after the break.

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