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PSA: Amazon's Gold Box is all Xbox 360 today


We hope you understand, dearest reader, that when we alert you to one of Amazon's game-related Gold Box sales it is in the name of public service. After all, any sale that features BioShock 2 brand new for $40 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $46.50 (until 12PM ET) -- with other Xbox 360 "games and accessories" deals littered throughout the day -- is always worth bringing to your attention, right? And besides, who doesn't enjoy solving a few puzzles ... when they lead to extra savings:
  • 12PM ET: "Prepare to journey to the darkest reaches of space in this RPG hit." (Our guess: Mass Effect 2, duh.)
  • 2PM ET: "BioWare's deepest universe to date just got bigger..." (Our guess: Wait -- Mass Effect 2 ... again? Hmmm ... or maybe the Dragon Age expansion, Awakening?)
  • 5PM ET: "Rock out with your Stratocaster." (Our guess: Rock Band -- likely of the "Rock Band 2" variety. But maybe just another guitar for your collection?)
  • 7PM ET: "A legendary war between two of science-fiction's most popular characters." (Our guess: Aliens vs Predator, obviously -- but they're not "characters," they're monsters!)
  • 9PM ET: "Charge up your Xbox 360 controllers." (Our guess: Clearly, this is the power to shoot energy from your hands. A lightning deal indeed!)
  • 11PM ET: "This hit franchise comes to life on Xbox 360." (Our guess: The answer is Cars. Or, yeah, we have no idea whatsoever ... )

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