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Toshiba NB305 and HP Mini 210 to be upgraded with Atom N455 CPUs and DDR3 memory

Vlad Savov

A little bit of Euroland investigation this morning has revealed signs that Intel's upcoming 1.66GHz N455 and 1.83GHz N475 Atom processors are close to making their official debut. Netbook Italia spotted the official Toshiba website posting up an NB305-10F model a little prematurely -- a page that was promptly yanked, but not before our amici were able to note the inclusion of the DDR3-compatible N455 CPU, a gigabyte of RAM, 250GB hard disk and otherwise unchanged specs. The expected price for that netbook is noted at €350 ($467), which is also the price at which the upgraded HP Mini 210 -- spotted by German outfit nDevil -- is listed on Shipping dates are predictably not yet ascertained, though it's looking like things are about to get moving nice and swiftly from here on out.

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