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TUAW's Daily App: Above


Our tipsters have been raving about Above, which is sort of a cross between Doodle Jump and Canabalt. It appeared in the App Store a little while ago. Odds are, after that description, you probably went looking for it already. Just in case you're still here, though, I'll tell you that it does offer up a few new tricks. Just like Canabalt, it's still a one-button-to-jump affair, but in Above, you actually hold down a finger to "charge" a jump, which adds a little more strategy to it. As in Doodle Jump, you're trying to constantly climb up a series of platforms using "powerfuls" (a feature of the game) and avoiding obstacles, but Above's unique art style and much more forgiving structure make for a different experience.

It's a very stylistic experience, from the great backgrounds and graphics to the trippy music. I'm not sure that it really offers anything new to this "climbing platformer" phenomena that seems to be taking over the App Store, but it is polished to a shine. Achievements and multiple stages add some replayability and make the game more than worth the US$1.99 purchase price. If you want a Doodle Jump that's a little less casual and fleeting, here it is. If you're addicted to the one-button gameplay of Canabalt, Above offers more. Our tipsters are right: Above is certainly worth a purchase.

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