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Iwata Asks Treasure about Sin & Punishment: Star Successor


In case you missed Siliconera's translation of the Iwata Asks interview with Treasure about Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Nintendo of America has posted its own translation. And if you have read it, you'll appreciate Nintendo's updated translation of Iwata's statement that the N64 "was a machine that was hard to create things for and didn't work at all." Now that semi-infamous line -- probably more accurately -- states that "If you didn't do it well, it wouldn't work at all."

Later in the interview, Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamigami described the difficulty of working with Treasure on the first Sin & Punishment, given, well, the difficulty of Treasure games. "When I said, 'It's too difficult. I can't do it," they responded, 'Then you're not good enough to be in charge of this project.'" It took about a year for the team to finally determine that Sin & Punishment was, in fact, too difficult.

For Star Successor, Nintendo's Yurie Hattori joined the project and initially found it too difficult as well, pushing to make the game more accessible. While she did prevail upon Treasure to streamline the experience with a tutorial, she eventually discovered the Treasure fan within her and ended up recommending that the difficulty be increased.

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