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Pyramid-shaped table with iPod dock makes you look like a tool


Do you miss the 1980s? Want all your friends to assume you still think it's cool to shop at the Spencer's in your local mall? Then I highly suggest you buy this pyramid-shaped multi-media table with iPhone integration. The table combines two speakers and an iPhone dock into what looks like a rejected production model of the Death Star before the Empire realized that planets are round.

The table is actually called "Horus" and you can buy it from designer Stephane Thivend. The base of Horus is made from colored concrete and the LED light is available in twenty-four different colors. Contact the designer for price info.

Future Fashion Magazine thinks this table looks "very much like a typical coffee table" until "closer inspection" when you find that, hey yeah, above that glaring neon LED, I can plug my iPhone in! Sorry, but Horus only looks like a typical coffee table to a Borg. No one is going to confuse it with mom's.

[via bornrich]

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