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Sony offers PS3 hard drive upgrade service in Japan


Image: Seagate
Feeling constrained by your PS3's hard drive? Daunted by the task of replacing it yourself? (Seriously. It's pretty easy. Check out these guides: Phat/Slim) Sony is offering a new service in Japan that's perfect for you. For ¥18,000 (~$184), you will be able to ship Sony your PS3 system and get it upgraded with a new 250GB drive. Sony will not only replace the drive, but will also move all supported content from your old drive to the new one. They'll even return your old hard drive as a souvenir.

Considering a 250GB hard drive costs about $50 at retail, this service is being offered at quite a hefty premium. Is this something you'd like to see offered in America and Europe as well?

[Via Andriasang]

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