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First round of Battle of the Immortals beta brings changes

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

One of the best things any MMO developer can do is listen and respond to their players, particularly during beta testing. Perfect World Entertainment seems to be fully aware of that, as last night an email was sent out to everyone who participated in the first round of closed beta testing for Battle of the Immortals: "We've been collecting a ton of feedback from our players and last night, we delivered!"

Beta testing in this case did exactly what it was supposed to: tracked down bugs and drew player feedback on what they did and did not like. The majority of the player base, for example, disliked things such as click-to-move only and the ability to bot in-game. The bot has now been removed, and WASD movement has been added.

That's just the beginning, however. Follow along after the jump for a peek at the email from the Battle of the Immortals team, and be ready for open beta on May 4th.

We've been collecting a ton of feedback from our players and last night, we delivered! Yesterday, we updated BoI with the following changes:

WASD Movement - You can now use the WASD keys to move your character around the game world.

TAB Targeting - Originally the ~ key, you can now use the TAB key to easily target monsters around you

Revised Key Bindings - B will now open your Bag, M will now open your Map, P will now open the Party Interface. Check out our website for the complete list of remapped keys!

In-Game Font Updated - The font in-game has been completely revamped for better readability.

Huge Localization Update - A large amount of text in the game has been completely redone for better clarity.

Tradable Soul Gear - We have now enabled level 45 Soul Gear attained via the Dragon Emperor Catacomb to be traded. This should make the availability of this armor much better in-game.

In-Game Bot Removed - We have removed the in-game bot and we are currently looking at tweaking content above level 60.

We hope you enjoy the various changes we've made so far, and we still have a long way to go! Log in and check out these gameplay changes today! Open Beta begins on May 4th! Prepare for battle!

- The PWE Team

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