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LotRO's Welcome Back Weekend salutes the halcyon days of the spring festival


Turbine's Welcome Back Weekends for LotRO are, well, almost as dependable as the tides and official forum rants. Still, they're always good news for all, especially when they coincide with a special event.

From April 29 through May 3, LotRO is inviting all previous players to return in order to experience the final fruits of the Spring Festival (which also ends on May 3). The festival has returned for an encore performance, mostly so that anyone gunning for the attractive Blue Roan mount can snag it before it's gone.

All players, both current and returning, will enjoy a 5% bump in XP from monster kills and free stable travel for the weekend. Considering that Turbine is throwing special three-year anniversary gifts to the crowd as well -- including a generous 20% discount at the bards -- it's not a bad time to dip one's toes back into the game. Check out the official announcement over at the site, and get your download on!

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