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Man files class action suit over PS3 Other OS support removal

Worried that Sony was going to get off lightly, only suffering the slings and arrows of a few angry commenters after removing the PS3's support for other operating systems like Linux? You might endorse the actions of Anthony Ventura, who recently filed a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming its actions represent a breach of contract, false advertising and a handful of other unsavory, unscrupulous business practices.

In the suit, Ventura claims the Other OS function is "extremely valuable," adding that while players aren't forced to download the new update, those who don't are left unable to access the PSN, or enjoy any games or Blu-ray movies which require the new firmware. The filing mentions no specific amount of damages sought, but "the amount in controversy is in excess of $US5 million."

Ventura's lawsuit is a long shot, and if it does bear fruit, it likely won't do so for a long, long time. Those in search of a more expedient payday: have you considered moving to Europe, and then asking really nicely for some compensation?

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