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Samsung's BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player reviewed: speedy, but noisy


Most buyers of Samsung's first 3D Blu-ray player will probably be picking it up as a pack-in with their new television, but what exactly will they be getting? According to BigPictureBigSound, the claims of "Ultra Fast Play" are right on target for the BD-C6900, with a PS3-beating bootup time of only 41 seconds on Saw IV, and 23 seconds on Underworld: Evolution, same as the LG BD570. Unfortunately that slick see-through top may contribute to a higher than average noise level, so beware the tradeoffs for a 3D Blu-ray experience. As far as that goes, the reviewer was impressed by the 3D menus and the quality of the packed-in Monsters vs. Aliens disc, though there were a few issues that popped up on test discs for regular 2D content. As usual, adopting the first generation of a new standard isn't without its drawbacks, but with limited content currently available and additional competition on the way in the form of both firmware updated existing players and new hardware you should probably hit the read link and give it a careful once-over before jumping in.

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