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'Swords' is a Wii game about swords


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If using the Wii Remote and MotionPlus to control a sword sounds like the sword of thing you'd be into, you should consider Majesco's new game Swords -- because that's basically the whole game.

Swords, developed by Panic Button, is a time-traveling arena combat game in which you fight sword practitioners from different cultures and time periods, including a Viking and Sir Lancelot. Then, having sufficiently disrupted the timeline, you take a new sword from your defeated opponent Mega Man-style, using its new abilities against your next historical adversary. When not hacking away at people, you can train with your sensei or perform drills -- like fighting zombies.

If the idea of a MotionPlus-based lightsaber dueling game excites you, this seems like a pretty close substitute. Plus, it's got the most hilariously straightforward title in recent memory. Swords will be thrust into stores this September.

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