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The Daily Grind: What game has the best endgame?

Eliot Lefebvre

While the sentiment isn't universal, there are parts of the population in any game that very vocally states the game begins at the end. More accurately, after you've finished killing rats or blowing up aliens or punching street punks to the point where your level stops going higher. It's the part of the game known as the endgame, which is a bit of a misnomer as it's the part of the game most focused on letting you continue playing indefinitely. There are very rarely things featured in leveling that aren't featured at the endgame, but conversely, there are often activities at endgame that don't exist while leveling.

From group-oriented to solo-oriented, PvE to PvP, every game has its own unique cocktail for what you do at the level cap. So, out of every game, what struck you as the best mix? Was it the PvPvE battles in Aion? The open-ended nature of EVE Online? The storyline and high-intensity battles of Final Fantasy XI? Let us know what game's endgame engaged you the most and why. Whether or not the game begins there, it's certainly one of the most memorable parts.

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