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Trials HD on sale for $10 today on XBLM


So you've managed to block out the siren song of Trials HD this long, have you? You're stronger than us -- but it might be time to give in. The game has been discounted today by 33 percent to 800 ($10) for a one-day sale. Can you really say "no, thank you" to that? It was voted 2009's best XBLA game, after all (and won the Best Nordic Game award at the 2010 conference just last night).

Look at it this way: Your Microsoft Points could very well go to helping out the workers behind the scenes. That's right -- we're talking about the guys who sneak into the factory at night and set up these wicked elaborate stunt tracks. They have an extremely dangerous job, you know. Add Trials HD to your Xbox 360 download queue ($10)

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