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Black Prophecy enters closed beta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Gamigo and Reakktor Media made an announcement this morning that many fans have been looking forward to: Black Prophecy is entering closed beta. We've been following this game with interest here at Massively, enjoying a hands-on look as well as a series of Q&A sessions with the developers.

If you're unfamiliar with Black Prophecy, it's described as a sci-fi space action MMO, and has been getting a fair amount of attention from MMO fans. It looks like the developers are taking things slowly and making sure it's done well: "The focus during the first phase of testing will be on server and program stability." For that reason, this first round of closed beta won't be open to thousands of players -- only about a hundred will make it in and go on to make their attempts at crashing the server.

Signups for closed beta are going on now, so head to the signup page if you're interested, and good luck.

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