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Daily Cataclysm Screenshot


The latest Cataclysm screenshot from Blizzard is shown above. Click it for a higher resolution image. Quite a nice scene! The water represents the new rendering that we've been hearing about for a while, and the entire environment has some very nice textures applied to it.

Mike Sacco thinks it could be from the (upcoming) Twilight Highlands. Other people on staff think it could be the Swamp of Sorrows or Wetlands post-Cataclysm. We won't know for sure though until Blizzard says something. (Note to Blizzard: Can you provide some lore associated with these screenshots? Or at least a few lines in a blue post telling us where they're from? Thanks! Love, The Community)

Update: Blizzard responded in a blue post! If Bornakk is being serious... woah.

Blasted Lands. Close though guys.

Check out previous daily Cataclysm screenshots in our gallery bellow.

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