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Family Nanny robot is just five years and $1,500 away from being your new best friend


While Japan's busy preparing its robotic invasion on the moon, China's Siasun Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. has its eyes on Planet Earth instead. Meet Family Nanny, a two-foot-seven, 55-pound robot that can talk, email, text, detect gas leaks, and run around on its two wheels for eight hours on a single two-hour charge. No, this Teletubby-like bot won't be cooking for you, but it'll make great chatty company for the elderly while it relays vital stats back to health monitoring systems. In case of emergencies such as a gas leak, the Family Nanny will alert the owner via text and email. Not bad for ¥10,000 ($1,465), we'd say, but we'll remain skeptical on its chatting skills until it launches -- supposedly sometime around 2015. An early video of two prototypes in action after the break.

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