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Hanvon suffers the tablet curse, delays multitouch B10, talks up cheaper F10 model

Tim Stevens

Manufacturers just can't seem to figure out this whole tablet deal. The poor things get delayed, canceled, or just make you fear that you've been ripped off. Hanvon's TouchPad B10 hasn't suffered the worst of those fates, but it is going to be a little later than planned. The last we heard they were due to ship on March 25, but according to jkkmobile the devices have just entered volume production and will instead ship to Chinese buyers sometime toward the end of May, while Europeans (and maybe lowly Americans) won't see theirs until June. Meanwhile, Hanvon is also talking about its H10 model, which uses a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor and lacks the multitouch of the B10, instead offering a stylus-based electromagnetic panel like the WISEreader. Cost is said to be "much less" than the B10, which is estimated to cost around $877 -- a figure that hopefully won't get any larger in the coming weeks.

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