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Hydrophobia now timed exclusive on XBLA, heading to PC and retail later


After this week's surprising reveal that "Xbox exclusive" Hydrophobia would also dribble onto PlayStation Network, IncGamers' clarification isn't quite as shocking. The site has confirmed that the game will be a timed-exclusive for Xbox Live Arcade and then eventually will be released not just for PSN but PC and retail, as well. Oddly, the retail release does not include a PS3 version.

The site spoke with developer Dark Energy Digital head Pete Jones, who spilled details that the PSN release of Hydrophobia will arrive for digital purchase "at some point," though he couldn't detail when that or the PC iteration would become available (when we followed up, a DED rep told us that, due to "contractual reasons," no further details could be provided on the PSN or PC releases). Even more unfortunate? Without even a murky release window, we're totally up the proverbial creek without a paddle for this kicker. How about this? Water joke.

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