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Puzzle Agent revealed, Telltale's Scoggins mystery solved

After very little nose-to-the-grindstone sleuthing, Telltale has revealed the answer to the Mystery of Scoggins Erasers: Puzzle Agent. IGN was recently shown this first game in Telltale's new "Pilot Program" -- a series of one-off games that could be expanded into larger franchises depending on fan reception. Considering Puzzle Agent apparently mixes Telltale's quirky brand of comedy with Professor Layton–style brainteasers, we seriously doubt this one will have a hard time catching on.

The game, which is being developed for PC, Mac, WiiWare and, as we guessed, iPhone and iPad, places you in the shoes of "the Agent," who's called to solve a mystery in the Fargo-esque town of Scoggins, Minnesota. What are the specifics of this mystery, you ask? We have no idea, but based on Telltale's lineage, we're guessing it's going to be pretty wacky, and perhaps even a little bit zany. There might even be some hare-brained hijinks, if we're lucky.

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