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Red Faction 'Origins' and 'Armageddon' website domains registered


Internet paperwork bloodhound Superannuation has sniffed out several Red Faction–based domain name registrations by THQ. A series of domains corresponding to would-be titles in "Red Faction Armageddon" and "Red Faction Origins" have been secured by the publisher.

These two potential Red Faction projects would appear to correspond with the current plan for the franchise, which sees SyFy producing a "back-door pilot" for TV (Origins, maybe?) and the next installment of the game series planned for March 2011 (why not Armageddon?). Of course, these things are never so neatly tied together, are they? There are numerous possibilities for the two Red Faction titles used in the new domain registrations.

Anyway, have you played Guerrilla yet? It's a really fun game, we swear.

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