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SOE to show a PS3 version of Free Realms at E3 2010


Ah, the console MMO. This elusive beast is often rumored, but rarely spotted in the wild -- lots of developers want the widespread crowd (and subscription fees) that a successful MMO brings, but have trouble adapting PC-centric gameplay to the stick-and-buttons console audience. Sony Online Entertainment is the next contender, apparently, as it has announced plans to show off a console version of the popular free-to-play MMO Free Realms at E3 this year.

The game just hit its first birthday, and has boasted over 10 million players already doing everything from the standard fantasy combat to an in-game trading card game to ... kart racing. As its title suggest, it's free-to-play on PC, with extra features available for a subscription price. SOE says the title is "very much in development," and we'll have to see at E3 if it can hunt down one of the gaming industry's rarest catches.

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