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T-Mobile getting new prepaid, hourly data access options next month?

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile's got a reputation to uphold as the US' value carrier, right? It looks to be doing that come the 16th of next month when it'll apparently be rolling out a $50 monthly prepaid option for unlimited voice and text, beating AT&T's recently-deployed plan by $10. You'll also be able to get unlimited messaging plus 10 cents per minute for voice for $15 a month, an odd combination that might be surprisingly popular considering that text has all but replaced voice as the primary means of communication in some social circles (ours included). Here's where it gets really interesting, though: there'll also be an "Hour Pass" option for prepaid folks that lets them access as much web on their handset as they'd like for 99 cents an hour, a pretty sweet option that should keep overages to a minimum if you need to do a lot of browsing every once in a while. Well played, T-Mobile.

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