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Tidbits from today's TUAW iPad 3G liveblog


This afternoon's Cover It Live liveblog with TUAW readers provided us with some great info about the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, which is available from Apple today! Here are some interesting notes provided by readers, our own bloggers Erica Sadun and Steve Sande, and special guests (and iPhone/iPad developers) Nate True and Kyle Kincade:

• Reggie Suplido tried calling his iPad. Every iPad that's signed up for digital service is assigned a phone number -- and he was curious to discover how it worked when called. He reports, after trying this, that
it said "The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time..." He also tried sending an SMS message. The iPad didn't receive it.

• Several readers tried using Skype over 3G connections and, as expected, failed.

• 3rd-Party International SIM cards were confirmed to work by our readers. One chat participant experimented with an O2 Germany SIM and reported success.

• Unfortunately, the 3G iPad signup process experienced difficulties. One reader reported, "I just signed up and after a lot of headache, the credit card went through. I then got a timeout." After, he was not able to "Add Data" to his account. All we can say is be patient - a lot of people are in the process of activating their iPads right now, so you may run into this issue.

No iPad 3G from Best Buy, we're afraid. TUAW Ray Ray contacted his local Best Buy GM to ask if any were in stock and was told "As of right now no!" See our updates -- Best Buy seems to be a great way (in some places) to find a 3G

Here are a few more highlights from today's chat:

• From TUAW wordsmith Steve Sande: "Just a reminder - we have a giveaway going on at TUAW for a Twelve South BookArc for iPad: You may already be a winner! "

• Comment From DaveDave: " Check out the Macally Bookshelf. Same functionality of the Apple Case but a bit better in my opinion. It isn't perfect though..."

• Nate True: "GPS on the iPhone functions even with no SIM installed, so it should work on the iPad without subscription."

• Most people would love to see a video chat camera on the next generation iPad:

• A lot of people are ordering the 64 GB and 32 GB 3G models, not so many are opting for the 16 GB:
Be sure to scroll through the entire live blog if you'd like to experience the comments and chat in detail. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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