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WonderKing unveils new PvP system

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

NDoors has something new for fans of WonderKing: a brand new PvP system. The existing system has undergone a complete overhaul, and the WonderKing team is anxious for their players to check it out.

Some of the revamped features include an in-depth user interface that will show your opponent's statistics, varying maps, a dedicated PvP arena, the ability to set hotkeys for your favorite skills, and brand new mechanics to encourage strategy and quick thinking. Want to check it out? The new PvP system launched yesterday, so all of the new features are up and running for players.

What's more, NDoors is making it even more exciting by offering some great real-world participants. An iPad, iPod Touches, NDoors game cards, and many other items are all up for grabs. A PvP guide can be found on the WonderKing site, as can all the details on the contest.

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