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For Gnomeregan! Welcome to the first meeting of B.L.O.G.


For Gnomeregan! is where the members of <B.L.O.G.> on US Shadow Council-A roleplay guild meetings as part of an in-blog and in-game RP campaign. The rules for this campaign are: no ERP (Erotic RolePlay) and no vampires (though death knights are welcome). Everyone is invited to participate. Assume that to get into the guild, you at least pretended to be in full use of your faculties and are willing to fight for the cause. You are all welcome to join us here in the comments and those who wish to play with us in-game should friend Peenk and ask for an invite on US Shadow Council-A.

Peenkerella "Peenk" Sparklebolt presides over our first meeting via the magic of guild chat.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Or whatever. I don't know how to start these things. Ahem. Anyway. Welcome to B.L.O.G.! I'm glad you all could join us. As you know, we have created this guild specifically to train for Operation: Gnomeregan. The High Tinker himself authorized his representative to authorize us to form this training army. All races are invited to join, as long as they are willing to work for the cause of the gnome exiles.


I'm not going to pretend. We all came here hoping to help and were told we weren't ready to join the official army. So we are training together in the hopes of being used in the coming offensive. Our personal goals right now should be to train our skills and work for people willing to help equip our army. Later, we will have organized drills to learn to fight together as a team.

Our agenda for this, our first meeting, is to go around and introduce ourselves. I'll begin:

My name is Peenkerella Sparklebolt, but you can call me Peenk. I come from an extended family of mages, with a couple of rebel warlocks. I was born without the ability to use more than the most basic magic, however. This is fine with me -- I love knives -- but my family pities me. So I am here, not only to get my home back, but also to prove that I need no sympathy. Though I am magic-challenged, I have inherited my family's knowledge of herbs and the creation of potions. So I will help supply our army in that way. After all, no matter the situation, "There's a pot for that!"

One thing before we go around the room: when I was filling out the paperwork to officially form our guild, I hurriedly wrote down the acronym without deciding what it stood for. I am torn between Bitter Legion for Operation: Gnomeregan and Beleagured League Of Gnomes. For next week, be thinking of which one you like.

Ok, you there. Please tell us your story.

Please join us by telling us your player's backstory in the comments. Why have you joined the army? What are your skills? If you'd like some suggestions in creating your character, All the World's a Stage is a great resource and this guest post by Anna is a must-read.

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