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Gameloft brings Iron Man 2 to the iPad and iPhone


Gameloft has done a Q&A over on Marvel's official blog about their iPhone and iPad versions of the upcoming Iron Man 2 game, and there are some interesting tidbits in there. Gameloft is traditionally a mobile company, and as they say, they've worked on "small to very small" devices, so the iPad is a new trick for them. They say that developing for the iPad allowed them to ramp up the graphics, and helped to make the new game that much more immersive. In my few experiences with the iPad, I've found that very true -- the bigger screen definitely makes a difference in terms of focusing on the game.

Gameloft also promotes the game's multiple suits (including a stealth suit, that sounds interesting), and some big bosses to fight against. They say the release is scheduled for next week, so we'll look for it then.

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