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Hello Rewind laptop sleeve hands-on

Nilay Patel

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Hey, we just got our Hello Rewind laptop sleeve in the mail, and we're pretty psyched about it. If you'll recall, Hello Rewind is a startup in New York City dedicated to helping the survivors of sex trafficking learn new skills by running a business turning old T-shirts into laptop sleeves, and all of the proceeds are used to sustain the enterprise and help more survivors. Pretty neat, especially since helping out just requires you to donate a favorite old shirt and $49 -- and the sleeve itself is actually quite nice. Be warned, though: it fits pretty snugly around 15-inch MacBook Pros, and it wasn't even an option for our bruiser 15-inch HP Elitebook, so you might want to get a size up if you've got a bigger machine. Of course, that pales in comparison to the bigger problem: what T-shirt are you going to use?

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