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HTC Incredible suffering random reboots for Tar Heel fans and Duke devotees?

Tim Stevens

Well now this is a bit of an odd story, but we've seen enough reports to think that it is fully legit. HTC Incredible owners in and around the great state of North Carolina, particularly those in north-central portion (the Triad) are reporting that their phones are rebooting all on their own with alarming regularity. Many have tried new phones, combinations of wireless settings, and other remediations only to find the problem still occurring just as frequently as before. Verizon Wireless is said to be aware of the issue and there has been talk that tower-switching in areas of low signal is to blame, but at this point it certainly sounds like anyone's guess. Have you been affected? Drop us a note in comments -- but try to keep the intra-college banter clean, yeah?

Update: We're being told there are far more Duke and Tar Heel fans per capita in the Triangle area of NC than in the Triad, which is where this issue seems to be centered, meaning it's really the Demon Deacons who should be concerned.

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