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The Daily Grind: When did giving a MMO a second chance win you over?


First impressions mean a lot, especially in our current blitz-quick consumerist culture. If a game can't win us over in the initial play session, then forget all of the man-hours poured into it and any of the content past that point -- we're through. MMO players are notorious for falling in and out of love with a title faster than the average bullfrog can blink, and that's just part of our charm. So it's not uncommon to see players cast a MMO away after the first day, week or month, never to try it again.

But! Has there ever been a time when you did come back to a MMO to give it a second chance, and found that it won you over? Maybe this time, you were more in a place in your life to appreciate what it had to offer. Maybe you'd give the title enough time to grow, polish and mature so that the rough edges that grated no longer exist. Maybe you had friends convince you to come back, and you felt the seductive nature of the game that you missed the first time around. When did giving a MMO a second chance win you over?

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