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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup, now with Bungivision!


Can you see it, folks? It's the future! And it's filled with Bungie and Bungie-related spinoff games -- and it's soon! That's right: for the next ten years, we'll be seeing the world through our Bungivision-tinted glasses, forgetting all about that scuttlebutt that went down between the "Modern Whatsitfare 6" (or whatever) developer and Activision, like, forever ago.

For now though, we'll just keep right on reading these weekly webcomic releases and looking forward to the next pew-pew title, hoping that if we miss any especially fantastic comics, you'll let us know in the comments section below. Bungivision ... activate!

Untitled (Another Video Game Webcomic)
Lottery (NerfNow)
How a Bill Becomes a Law (Virtual Shackles)
Shifting Gears (2P Start)
A Boy Must Learn, Part Three (Penny Arcade)
Revenge (The Great Indoors)
Akela Frowns Mightily (Sidescroller)


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