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Zynga employee proposes with Dinner Love and the Quest for Soup


Zynga employee and newly engaged dude Anders Howard sent us an email recently, explaining that he had just proposed to his girlfriend "via a video game I built with friends in my spare time." The video that he sent along of the whole thing going down -- not to mention the game itself, appropriately named Dinner Love and the Quest for Soup, which he's put up for all to play online -- immediately convinced us that we absolutely had to share his story with you.

After the break, we've embedded Mr. Howard's neo-Shakespearian successful attempt at betrothal. If you don't go all "awwwwww" about it, well, you can always take a look at Ilomilo again, we suppose. If that doesn't do it either, you should probably get that gaping hole in your chest filled with a heart.

[Thanks and congrats to Anders Howard!]

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