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Japanese hardware sales, April 19 - April 25: Robots on the Moon edition


Sure, today we might be charting the sales of video game hardware in Japan, but we've been wondering for years now just how long it'll be until we're charting the progress of robots from Japan making their way to Earth's Moon. Thankfully, we found out earlier this week that that glorious future may only be five-ish years from now, bringing our dream of humanity's interstellar robotic domination one step closer.

We have to imagine the game hardware-buying citizens of Japan were so engrossed by the aforementioned space android news that they nearly forgot to purchase any new equipment -- the only growth seen this week was for Sony's PlayStation 3 and PSP, while the entire rest of the chart took a dip. We can only hope that by next week, Japan's gaze will have returned from the stars for long enough to purchase some new hardware. Or focus on building more space robots.

Okay, we're actually voting for more space robots.

- PSP: 28,758 123 (0.43%)
- PS3: 25,629 39 (0.15%)
- Wii: 23,691 653 (-2.68%)
- DSi LL: 16,676 470 (-2.74%)
- DSi: 10,640 600 (-5.34%)
- DS Lite: 2,789 560 (-16.72%)
- Xbox 360: 2,214 228 (-9.34%)
- PSP Go: 1,544 371 (-19.37%)
- PS2: 1,490 41 (-2.68%)

[Source: Media Create]

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