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Runes of Magic invites adventurers to delve into the Dungeon of Dalanis


Runes of Magic players are in for a rich treat with a nugaty center this May, as Frogster is about to deliver its second expansion to the game: Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms. Part of this exciting expansion is the fabled Dungeon of Dalanis, the first new six-person dungeon added since the game's release.

The Dungeon of Dalanis is a place angels fear to tread. Not only is it a hidden jail for upper-class criminals, but a mad prince experiments on animals and creatures alike within its depths. Still, if players have the nerves of steel and -- more importantly -- 57 or more levels under their belt, they're welcome to try their hand at a little prison reform. Four bosses must be vanquished, including the enigmatic Experiment No. 203, before they can take a crack at Prince Maxim Erekat III. Oh Eerekat, what WON'T you do next?

This dungeon is also offering a first in Runes of Magic history: the option of two difficulty levels. This is a good option for those who aren't quite on the cutting edge of leetdom, but still want to have a fun time. Head on over to the official site for the complete announcement.

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