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Xbox 360 Fancast 164 -- Wake Up!


The show is a bit on the short side this week, thanks to one Mr. Alan Wake. Still, even with time cut short, we manage to squeak out all the major news this week, including Call of Duty: Black Ops and, of course, the Bungie / Activision partnership. There's also some talk about Alan Wake, so be sure to tune in.

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Hosts: Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM, @senseiram), Alexander Sliwinski (Sli Xander, @xandersliwinski), Xav de Matos (Snypz, @xav) and Dave Hinkle (KnifefightYaDad, @davehinkle)

Music: Intro/Outro: "Electromooq" by Uma Floresta. Break: "Subliminal Message" by Happy Birthday.

For fans: Xbox 360 Fancast Facebook group

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