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Found Footage: an iPad in a kitchen cabinet


While some TUAW bloggers use their iPads in the kitchen, TUAW reader Alan Daly has gone a step further and has built an iPad into his kitchen.

In the video above and also in a Flickr photostream he's created, Alan shows the simple wooden mount that he used to embed the iPad into a kitchen cabinet. The iPad can be easily removed by unplugging it and then sliding it up and out of the mount. Alan demonstrates the iPad being used for many important kitchen tasks, such as using the Epicurious app, reading and watching news sites, and checking out TUAW.

Alan commented in an email that "My wife thought I was nuts - until she saw the finished product ..." He bought a replacement cabinet door and cut that one in case things went bad, cut the hole with a jigsaw, and then used a Dremel tool to get the edges smooth and straight. The result looks pretty professional.

Blogger and resident genius Brett Terpstra showed off his custom iPad workstation last weekend, and now we have another great one to display. If you have come up with a unique iPad installation, be sure to tag any Flickr pictures you take with the tags tuaw and tuawipad, then let us know about what you've done. Who knows? Your iPad may end up in a TUAW post.

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