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Rumor: Apple's iTravel being previewed in other markets


Last week, Patently Apple got a hint of a new app/service from Apple called iTravel, an official app that would allow you to make and check-in travel reservations with just your iPhone. Apparently it's farther along than we thought, because a new app co-sponsored by Apple in a Montreal newspaper appears to show off the app itself, including an on-screen seat display while checking in, a "My Flights" section for flight tracking, and a "Find Flight" search button.

[Mmm, egg. Our Canadian cousins have written in to point out that the app featured in the newspaper ad is not a secret Apple travel app, but is in fact the real world, maple-syrup-and-curling enabled Air Canada app. Demerits to PA and 9to5 for misreading and to us for falling for the mixup. –Ed.]

PA suggests this is all being done in time for something called the Travel Distribution Summit on June 17, but I can think of another conference in June that might have Apple showing off new official applications. It's not 100% clear that the app in the ad is a brand new app by Apple, but in addition to the Concert Ticket+ patent that appeared a while back, it's a safe guess that Apple is cooking up some new utility software. We'll have to keep eyes out during WWDC and see what we can find.

[via 9to5Mac]

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