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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a new restoration druid, part 2

Allison Robert


A lot of PUGs do make it to Deathbringer Saurfang, hence the inclusion of the first piece on our list. However, there's a lot of competition for it.

Enchant Cloak -- Greater Speed. While some people pick Enchant Cloak -- Wisdom, the haste enchant is much more useful to almost everyone.Chest

This slot is interesting in that one of the restoration druid's best in slot pieces (Vestments of Spruce and Fir, below) is available to anyone who can cough up the badges. After that, it's a pretty long drop to the 251 tier 10 piece.

Enchant Enchant Chest -- Powerful Stats
  • Vestments of Spruce and Fire Available for 95 Emblems of Frost. A very fine piece that beats out everything else in the game, barring two Icecrown heroic pieces (both of which, regrettably, are cloth) and the heroic balance tier chest. If you've got this, don't bother getting tier.
  • Meteor Chaser's Raiment Available for 95 Emblems of Frost. The cloth equivalent of the leather piece above. If you've got 95 Emblems of Frost just lying around, don't get this (obviously) over the Vestments.
  • Deathwhisper Raiment Dropped by Lady Deathwhisper in normal ICC-25. Again, a lot of PUG raids see this fight, and there's generally not much competition for this if it drops.
  • Ermine Coronation Robes Available for 95 Emblems of Frost. The other non-set cloth piece you should ignore in favor of the Vestments.
  • Merlin's Robe (Alliance)/Merlin's Robe (Horde) One of the ilevel 245 Tailoring recipe available from Trial of the Crusader.
  • Lasherweave Robes Available for 95 Emblems of Frost.
  • Royal Moonshroud Robe (Alliance)/Royal Moonshroud Robe (Horde) The other ToC tailoring recipe. If you're going to use a crafted piece to tide you over until you can get Vestments, use this one if you're having mana issues. Use Merlin's if you're not.
  • Lunar Eclipse Robes (Alliance)/Lunar Eclipse Robes (Horde) The ToC leatherworking spellpower chest. Yep, the tailoring equivalents are better.
  • Chestguard of Broken Branches A surprisingly nice piece; this would be my pick if you're looking for something inexpensive to tide you over until you get the Vestments of Spruce and Fir. Dropped by the Captain's Chest in heroic Halls of Reflection.
  • Malfurion's Robes of Triumph (Alliance)/Runetotem's Robes of Triumph (Horde) The ilevel 245, tier 9 chest, available for 75 Emblems of Triumph and 1 Trophy of the Crusade.
  • Malfurion's Robe of Conquest (Alliance)/Runetotem's Robe of Conquest (Horde) The ilevel 232, tier 9 restoration chest, available for 50 Emblems of Triumph.
  • The Sanctum's Flowing Vestments Dropped by Sartharion-25.
  • Robes of the Cheating Heart Dropped by Bronjahm in normal Forge of Souls.
  • Ancient Polar Bear Hide Dropped by Ick and Krick in heroic Pit of Saron.
  • Mord'rethar Robes Dropped by the Devourer of Souls in heroic Forge of Souls.
  • Embrace of Madness Dropped by the Black Knight in heroic Trial of the Champion.
  • Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed A BoE drop from the Iron Council encounter in Ulduar-25. You're not as likely to find this on the auction house these days, but I wanted to include them because they honor a famous druid player and blogger (Phaelia of Resto 4 Life). I just wish they had some haste on them.

Even for people in heroic Icecrown, it's a little disappointing to note that a Jaraxxus-25 drop (particularly its heroic version) is so close to being best in slot. I'm going to list them here just because you may have a shot at them from a ToC-25 PuG; leather spellpower pieces usually don't get a lot of competition.

Enchant Enchant Bracers -- Superior Spellpower

This is one of those unfortunate slots without a lot of great options outside of raiding, but be careful before you dump emblems or gold into options other than tier; Toravon has a chance to drop both the tier gloves and legs.

Enchant Enchant Gloves -- Exceptional Spellpower

As with a few previous slots, you can get some damn fine stuff if you're willing to spend Frost emblems like a drunken pirate. Otherwise, your best bet is probably the leatherworking belt from tier 8.

Enchant Eternal Belt Buckle

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