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Sprint's HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 finally coming on May 7?

Chris Ziegler

This is turning into a serious boy-who-cried-wolf kind of situation, but evidence is growing today that HTC and Sprint are finally -- yes, finally -- ready to drop a hot batch of Sense-laden Android 2.1 on eager Hero owners. A screen shot of a Best Buy employee news page reads that the update was "delayed until this week" and will be "in all stores" by this Friday, May 7; what that means isn't exactly clear, but it could suggest that all Heros being sold in Best Buy Mobile locations will have the update applied by then. As for current customers, Best Buy is sending out instructions on how staff can help owners upgrade if they happen to wander into the store, but otherwise, it should be available from HTC's site (yeah, no over-the-air action here). Stay tuned, folks.

[Thanks, John]

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