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WoW Moviewatch: Cool Story Breh


This new piece by Asiko, Gigi, and Nation is a response to the bajillion ... anti-fans of their work. (What's the word for someone diametrically opposed to a fan? I don't want to say detractor or troll or such, since those words have much different connotations. Anti-fan it is, I guess.) A lot of this video boils down to the message that "you might hate us, but we're successful anyway." Unto the anti-fans they say, Cool Story Breh.

One of the interesting things about belf rap, though, is that it is successful. While there's something about the genre that drives many people insane, traffic and subscriptions to those folks' YouTube channels, videos, and webpages tend to be pretty high. For all that commenters and reviewers often dislike belf rap, they get pagehits and a very large audience.

And I know from observation and personal experience that very few people bust their hump as hard as Gigi to work with new folks, bring new artists into the light, and try and get traffic to struggling machinimators. And while rap (or belf rap) certainly isn't my bag of tea, I definitely respect her attributes in that regard.

Edit: Due to oversight on my part, I wanted to make sure I pointed out that WoPairs is the machinimator behind this piece.

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