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4G shocker! T-Mobile USA boss talked to LTE wholesaler earlier this year

Chris Ziegler

Clearwire isn't the only American company building a carrier-independent (if you can call majority ownership by Sprint "carrier-independent") 4G network, you see -- and it would certainly behoove T-Mobile to investigate options that let it stay on a more GSM-aligned path for its next-gen network than WiMAX would, right? That might be where Harbinger Capital Partners comes into play, a group that recently bought up a bunch of satellite and terrestrial spectrum with the intention of creating a wholesale LTE network into which companies -- companies like T-Mobile, for instance -- could buy. Indeed, Financial Times is saying that T-Mobile USA chief Robert Dotson chatted with Harbinger recently about partnership opportunities, seemingly right around the same time that he talked to Clearwire. Clearly, it'd seem that T-Mobile's US division needs to decide very, very quickly how it's going to handle the 4G transition, lest it get caught behind the very same 8-ball it found itself battling in the 3G race; then again, pushing 21Mbps HSPA+ as aggressively as it has been the last few months might just keep it going for another few years. Fast data is fast data, after all.

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