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Archos Vision 3 with VGA cam arriving this summer

Joanna Stern

Oh, we see what you're doing here with the updated Vision 3, Archos -- going straight for the $149 iPod Nano's jugular by pricing the 8GB, VGA cam-toting player under $100. Pretty clever, and after spending a few minutes with the small PMP, we have reason to believe that Archos may just have better luck than ever before. The 3-inch touchscreen on the Vision A30VC is responsive and the interface easy to navigate, and though the 640×480-resolution camera won't capture award-winning footage, you can tap to record video and snap some stills. Sure, the plastic body feels much cheaper than the iPod's anodized aluminum back, but at under $100 we're not complaining. Check out some hands-on pics of the gadget below, and look for the little guy to hit retailers in late summer.

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