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EVE Online Tyrannis trailer released in HD


EVE Online players have been following the build-up to EVE's Tyrannis expansion with a great deal of anticipation. The expansion is set to launch in just under two week's time on May 18th and brings with it the ability to colonise and industrialise planets. Here at Massively, we're even celebrating Tyrannis with a series of contests each Saturday leading up to its launch.

The official Tyrannis expansion page has been up and running since mid April, giving players a peek at what features to expect on release. The one thing we've all been waiting for is the official expansion trailer. CCP have a history of producing incredible trailers for EVE and the new Tyrannis trailer is no exception. It seems to take some of the best ideas from EVE's latest fan masterpiece "Future Proof" and develop them further. With CCP's usual level of professional polish and dramatisation, this is a trailer that has to be seen.

Skip past the cut to watch the full trailer, embedded in HD.

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