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Found footage: Android tablet prototype running (and crashing) Flash


Adobe is showing off Android-based prototype tablets at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Zedomax has a pretty gushing review of Flash's performance on these tablets, calling it "rather incredible technology." There's no mention of how the battery life in these prototype tablets suffers while playing Flash video, though. In his "Thoughts on Flash," Steve Jobs noted that using Flash on the iPhone effectively halves its battery life.

What's far more interesting, and far more hilarious, is that although Zedomax claims Flash works "flawlessly" on these tablets, there's certainly evidence to the contrary. In the video above, the Android tablet reviewer is showing off the Flash functionality. Just as he says, "Good thing I didn't buy an iPad, because this one does Flash," the browser crashes. "Whoops," the reviewer says, gamely trying to carry on with his review in spite of the crash. [Never mind that he's demoing Flash by playing a YouTube video, which of course the iPad does just as well. –Ed.]

As an interesting side note, the same reviewer says that these Android tablets are "basically a giant Android phone." So, if you hate the iPad because "it's just a big iPod touch," please remember that, in the interest of not sounding like a fanboy, you are obligated to hate the Android tablet (whenever it actually gets released) for the same reason.

[Via Daring Fireball]

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