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Halo 3's 'Believe' and PS2's 'Mountain' make 'epic ad' list


Halo 3's amazing "Believe" campaign and the less well-known PlayStation "Mountain" ad have found a place on AdFreak's list of "The 25 most epic ads that aren't [Apple's] '1984.'" The Halo 3 campaign made it all the way to the eighth spot, while "Mountain," with its 1,500 extras, climbed to 17th place. The PS2 spot just barely beat out the incredibly memorable US Marine Corp "Chess" ad -- yeah, the one with the wizards and knights.

Halo 3's ad campaign was certainly an achievement, with atmosphere that eclipsed anything the game eventually provided. "Believe" had all those memorable elements: the diorama (wow, that diorama), the old men reminiscing, the History Channel feel of it all. It was the type of pretentious that works -- which is more than we can say for Halo: Reach's Nair boy and his Gatorade injections. Check out the "Believe" campaign and "Mountain" ad after the break.

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