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Roku teases revamped Netflix Channel user interface on video, coming in June

Darren Murph

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With the introduction of Netflix on so many devices, it's now up to everyone to battle it out for supremacy in user interfaces. We were actually duly impressed with the implementation on Nintendo's Wii, and it seems that the pressure has convinced Roku to retool their own UI. A new teaser has been released today by the company showing off the new Netflix Channel, and while the overall look and feel is certainly slick, it's a few key additions that have us most excited. According to the company, the update will allow users to search the entire Netflix Watch Instantly library right from their screen, as well as the ability to browse and add titles to one's queue for later playback. We're told that the update will be pushed out in "transparent" fashion to users in June, but an exact release date isn't yet available. Hop on past the break and mash play, won'tcha?

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This update, which is compatible with all new and existing Roku players, will be available soon via a free, automatic software update.

What's new and different from what you may have seen out on the market w/ other devices?

1. Search the entire Netflix Instant Streaming Library from your TV scree
2. Browse and Play Movies and TV shows on your TV via our new immersive user interface
3. Add Movies and TV shows to your Instant Queue for watching later

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