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Wade McGilberry luckiest (and richest) MLB 2K10 player ever

When 24-year-old Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Alabama was less than 24 years old, his friends and loved ones probably gave him a hard time about his penchant for virtual baseball. "Wade," they would say, "why don't you go play real baseball? Heck, with a name like 'Wade McGilberry,' you're already well on your way to the MLB Hall of Fame." Little do they know, Wade wasn't just wasting his time. He was training.

On the very first day of the MLB 2K10 Perfect Game Competition, McGilberry managed to take down 27 in-game hitters without letting one of them place their cleated toe upon first base. For this accomplishment, McGilberry won the competition and its $1,000,000 prize, reaffirming his decision to skip all of his high school formal dances to put a few more hours into Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Slugfest. A wise decision indeed, sir.

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