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Captain's Log: Guide to the Klingon tutorial, Page 2

Ryan Greene

A Three-Minute Tour

Opening your map again, you'll notice circles pinpointing the three officers you seek.

  • Commander Rodek is in the southeastern corner of the map. To find him, make sure to you take the eastern corridor on the ground floor of the large room in which you began the tutorial. (A series of ramps leads to a corridor on the upper level, where you'd find Chancellor J'mpok if you wanted to. But there's no reason for a feckless rookie like you to waste his time.) Rodek's room contains numerous kit, equipment and clothing vendors.
  • C'zann is in the bar, located within the northernmost circle on your map. She tells you how important bloodwine is, or something.
  • Lieutenant K'nala is in the shipyard area at the western end of the map. This is where you'll go to upgrade and customize your starship. Speak with her last, for the sake of convenience. (You'll have another quest here in a minute.)

Once you speak with those three, B'Elotja messages you that you've completed your mission. Accept the reward (the usual mix of skill points and currency), and you're done! Seriously, you've completed what passes for the Klingon beginner's experience.

Beyond Qo'nos

After you speak with B'Elotja, Lt. Commander Mara will hail you with a pair of missions. Speaking with her about Empire Defense unlocks Welcoming the Federation, which well send you off to destroy Federation ships. Accept that and Explore the T'Ong Nebula, your first exploration mission.

While you're at it, hail the Klingon Defense Force (by clicking the Klingon symbol on the bottom left of your minimap area) to receive another Bridge Officer, three PvP quests, and one quest to visit Bekk D'Vidd on Qo'nos.

If you spoke with K'nala last, you're already in the shipyard, so head to the north end of the room to find D'Vidd. Approaching him automatically completes his quest, The Look of a Warrior, and grants you one free starship customization. Speak with him to customize your Bird of Prey. I understand the options are less robust than they are for Federation ships, but Klingons have better things to worry about than decorating, you miserable maggots!

Now assign your new skill points -- with 726 available, I can max out Energy Weapons Training with 226 points to spare -- and beam up to your ship. You should now be more than prepared to make your Empire proud. Failing that, you can at least die an honorable death!

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